Who doesn’t want to have healthy hair? Depending on how you have treated your hair during the summer, now is the time to evaluate it. And know if you should pamper it more than necessary to restore his natural health.

How can we know if we have healthy hair? Imagine hair with natural movement, that adapts well to different hairstyles and, above all, doesn’t break when brushing.

It’s true that genetics plays the most important role, but there are other factors such as heat, UV rays and chemical damage that can prevent our hair from staying healthy. Take a look at these signs of healthy hair to see where you go right and, more importantly, where you go wrong!




Mainly, healthy hair is shiny and silky looking hair. Technically, the result of a smooth and flat cuticle. The cuticle, the outer layer of the hair, has the function of protecting. And it does its best work when its “shingles” lay firmly over the cuticle. And when they are, the cuticle will reflect light and your hair will look shiny.

If, on the other hand, your hair is dull, you need a dose of care now!

Clean and nourish your hair with the right products and tools. 




In fact, a hair with elasticity is when it looks with vitality throughout the day. Always straight, wavy or curly, without losing its shape. Elasticity is the measure of the strength of your hair, and having too little elasticity can lead to excess breakage and frizz.

To check the elasticity, wet a strand of hair and stretch it slightly. If the thread snaps back into place when you release it, you have great elasticity!



Hair grows in cycles and each follicle has a growth stage that can last from two to eight years. After that time, the strand falls out and a new hair grows. For most people with healthy hair, that means 80-90% of their hair is growing at the same time and they can expect to lose up to 125 hairs a day. Regularly losing more than that may be a sign of a skin problem or other health problem. And it would be time to consult a doctor!



The smooth surface of a healthy, closed cuticle makes brushing easy. When the cuticle is raised, it is a sign of unhealthy hair. The hairs tend to catch on each other and begin to tangle. The rough texture of the outer layer of hair makes it much more difficult to separate each strand. But when it detangles easily, you know your hair is fine.

On the contrary, if your hair gets quite tangled, we bring you the solution!

The  eliminates those annoying knots once and for all and without pulling. First, apply the Detangler spray enriched with castor oil to soften knots and facilitate detangling.



Frizz occurs when water penetrates the fiber, like a sponge found inside. This can happen more easily when the cuticle is damaged and lifted. When the cuticle is flat and attached to the stem, it is more difficult for moisture to break through that barrier and be absorbed.




Excess breakage is a sign of unhealthy hair, as are split ends. With the Healthy Hair Kit, you will have all the ingredients to go from lifeless hair to totally cared for and healthy. On the one hand, untangle the hair with the professional brush that, thanks to its rounded bristles, massages the scalp and enhances blood flow for healthier hair growth.